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Pitch Writing for Scripted Television - 2021 Holiday Deal Below!

Do you have a great idea for a television show but aren’t sure how to get it onto the page?  With an ever-growing number of platforms for content, the demand for new TV show ideas has never been higher. Still, for the new screenwriter, developing a compelling show idea and transferring it into a pitch document that showcases the idea in a way that sells can be daunting.


Over the course of this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to drill your show idea down into an accessible, compelling idea - and how to transfer your concept onto the page into a proposal that showcases what’s best, engaging and marketable about your show.


You will work on:

  • Honing a show idea down into a great pitch.

  • Creating a powerful core concept (logline) for your pitch. 

  • Creating a synopsis that clearly illustrates the world, themes, and conflicts of the show. 

  • Developing unique, fully rounded characters.

  • Clarifying your comedic/dramatic engine 

  • Creating an episode synopsis that showcases your idea.

  • Turning a pitch document into a sales document – thinking like a producer. 

About Me


As a television writer, some of my selected credits are CBC’s This Hour has 22 Minutes, The Baroness Von Sketch Show, From the Vaults, the W Network's Smart Woman Survival Guide, and the ‘tween comedy Overruled - as well as creative consultant/punch-up writer on two Canadian features.


As a creator/developer, I’ve been on the development team for two green-lit shows as staff, given the opportunity to learn how to create and develop shows from the ground up. I’ve created, pitched and optioned nine of my own series ideas to independent producers – spending hundreds of hours writing and pitching –  experiences that have been a master class in growing my instincts for innovative stories and my ability to write marketable pitches that resonate with people.

As a dedicated and respected content creator in the industry, I’ve worked with DHX Media, Shaftesbury Films, Markham Street Films, Verite Films, Amaze Film and Television, Banger Films and Dream Street Pictures among others, across the comedy, animation and documentary sectors – honing and developing original show ideas before pitching them to network.


Do I have to have a completed pitch to participate in the class?

No. You should have, at the very least, a concept for a show. But a completed pitch doc is not necessary.

What level of Screenwriter is this workshop appropriate for?

This workshop is for newer screenwriters wanting to learn how to hone a show idea and create a pitch, or for mid-level screenwriters looking to tighten a show idea and polish a document before a pitch meeting.  


Will I leave this workshop with a completed pitch document?

Probably not, but you will leave the workshop with the tools to create a pitch document.


Participant Response:


Joanne's course has helped me take an idea I've had for years and turn it into something tangible. She's a wonderful teacher and she shares her knowledge of the industry with humour, warmth, and engagement. I came into this course completely naive about the process, and I leave with a clear understanding of what it takes to create a pitch. Thanks, Joanne - you've turned a daunting process into a fantastic learning experience! - James Ramsey

Joanne's class was great. Very informal and informative. I would have paid a lot more for what was taught. 

The book and follow-up are a godsend. Awesome Class! Thanks, Joanne!

Very much enjoyed the class. I learned 10X as much in 4 hours than I have in 6 months of online research.

Awesome workshop! Joanne walked us through the sound principles of pitching our projects to production companies and networks.


I'm excited to develop my projects and pitch with confidence and inside knowledge.

Showed me the information I didn't know I needed to know!

Loved this class! A really good overview of the ins and outs of the basics on how to pitch.

Holiday Gift Special!


The perfect gift for yourself or that screenwriter you know, who needs a little nudge to get their show idea out there. 

Workshop Details: 

* Three hours

* Intensive one-on-one online session

* Targeted help in polishing a show idea and learning to write a pitch 

* Holiday pricing good for first 10 workshops booked in January

* Offer valid on workshops purchased between Dec. 9 - 31

Cost: $115.00 + HST ($129.95 total) 

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