Online Personalized Coaching


Joanne has been an Executive Coach & Facilitator for over 18 years, supporting executives and their teams to navigate critical conversations, deliver compelling presentations and increase sales through attentive customer service.

As an accomplished writer and content creator, Joanne has created over 25 training programs for clients, from front line phone sales to executive-level coaching and sales techniques.

Joanne has personally coached over 800 clients and has honed techniques that inspire self-reflection, motivation, and action. Her history as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer means she brings energy,
humour, insight, and empathy into her coaching sessions. 


Joanne is now offering 1-on-1, personalized, boutique-style coaching to help support already established training models within your organization or to build a customized program for you based on self-identified skill gaps.


Learn how to navigate a difficult conversation, give feedback that lands and promotes change, engage an audience during presentations and build trust with important clients.


On your own time, with a course designed just for you.

Coaching Skills - Presentation Skills - Sales Skills - Building Trust - Difficult Converations  

Personalized, 1 on 1 coaching


1) Introductory phone meeting to set learning goals.

2) Personal learning plan designed over 1 - 2 days.

3) 1 - 5 hours of personalized, effective, learner-driven on-line coaching